Developing Digital Literacies

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“I believe this work will be instrumental in moving some along in their thinking about 21st century skills, developing well rounded young people who are capable of global thought, and capitalizing upon the tremendous resources available at our fingertips. I feel energized and eager to explore some of the options.”

Judith A. Rogers, K-5 Mathematics Specialist
Tucson Unified School District, AZ

“Summey presents a well-crafted, technology professional development model that is sound in practice, adaptable, and can be easily implemented at the local level. And, as an added bonus, he includes a new digital literacies framework which surrounds the professional development structure and is a stellar model for framing the teaching and learning of the important 21st century skill-set for both educators and students!”

Kathy Schrock
Educational Technologist

“This is a GREAT book. An invaluable resource for transforming professional development that supports teaching and learning with technology. The author provides simple and straight forward steps on how to implement professional development. It addresses critical issues of identifying, exploring, planning, and implementing 21st Century learning with professional development.”

Howie DiBlasi
Digital Journey

“There is a pressing need to provide professional development in digital literacies for teachers at all levels of our school systems. This book provides tools and ideas for the construction of valuable experiences that will engage and inspire teachers while at the same time providing them with the essential digital tools for learning in the 21st century.”

Lee Ann Tysseling
Boise State University Department of Literacy

“I have not seen a book such as this that offers a comprehensive overview of current trends in instructional technology while offering suggestions on how to best reach teachers to explore and embrace these new tools.”

Barbara Cavanah
Monroe County School District